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eRideShare.com and the Environment

Transportation is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse emissions. If you look out at city traffic, or at a busy interstate, it's easy to see why. Millions of people drive great distances alone every day. It takes a lot of energy to push all those vehicles. And so many of those people are going the same way. Why not share the ride?

eRideShare puts the power of the Internet to work, connecting commuters or cross-country travelers going the same way. Put two people together in one car instead of separately in two cars, and the greenhouse emissions are cut in half. This is significant impact. You still get where you want to go, while saving plenty of cash. Maybe you'll even make a new friend or two.

There are other ways of acting to reduce one's transportation footprint. You can reduce the miles you drive by combining errands into one trip. Public transit is an option for many. Even better, consider biking to work, and turn your commute into a great way to stay in shape.

We also need to demand that government does its part with policies to improve fuel economy and to switch to renewable energy sources, not black hydrogen from coal or natural gas. We're "marching" with StopGlobalWarming.org because we fear for the planet's precious vulnerable plant and animal inhabitants as well as the very real projected human costs. We must act before it's too late.