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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
eRideShare.com has several security features and suggestions for the benefit of its users, but responsibility for safety rests with the user alone.
  • How do I use this site? 1) Sign up for a membership. 2) Place a listing. 3) Search listings from the home page, using the blue search box (search tips). Reply to other listings by clicking on the link for the listing. 4) Contact us with any questions.

  • How much money can I save by carpooling? Quite a bit. According to the American Automobile Association, it costs an average of 54.1 cents per mile to drive a car as of 2008. This includes gasoline, oil, maintenance, tires, and depreciation. For a 40-mile round-trip commute, this comes to $21.64 per day, $454 monthly, and $5453 annually. Double the figure for an 80-mile round trip. Tolls and parking (and insurance and registration) are additional.

  • Does carpooling help the environment? Yes! The ice caps are melting. If we keep pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at the rate we're going, everyone in the coastal cities will need to swim to work. Emissions could be significantly reduced with more carpooling. Burning one gallon of gasoline produces about 18 pounds of CO2.

  • Is my information private? Yes. We respect your privacy, and will not distribute member information without your permission (except in response to verified requests from law enforcement or emergency services).

  • Can I place a carpool listing if I don't have a car? Yes. You can contribute to the expenses of the driver without having a car, and everyone saves. This may not be possible in all cases, but you can work out the details after receiving a response to your listing. Similarly, feel free to respond to a carpool listing even if you don't have a car.