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When you're ready to leave, enter your destination into the iPhone or Android app. It knows your current location. A partner can ping you before you leave, or when you're on your way.
Connect with someone going home for the holidays, for a night out, or for a trip to a music festival. Connect in advance, and work out the details.
For everyday travel to campus or to a job, why not find a regular carpool partner? The savings really add up when you share the ride every day.

"Just want to let you know how much I value and appreciate this site. I live in Southern Calif taking the 405 Frwy from Orange Co to LA Co everyday. I have been using this site for 3 years and find it very helpful. I have met wonderful carpool partners here." -- Anna Nguyen




Post your requirement, or contact someone near you. There's bound to be someone going your way! Get around town or out of town for less. Expenses are shared by rider and driver. Everyone saves. Your partner greets you with a smile, and sometimes with a cookie.

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Connect for a local or long-distance carpool in the next 30 minutes. In addition to standard mapping-based matches (similar to Lyft or Uber), the app
includes a sign for displaying your trip information to people in your physical vicinity,
such as a coffee shop, student center, or airport baggage carousel.

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