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Information and Tips for a Successful Carpool
Once you have matched and met your new car pool partner(s), these simple questions will help avoid problems down the road:
  • Where will the designated pick-up point be? Some car pools have door to door service, while others prefer to meet at a convenient church or grocery store parking lot.
  • Establish smoking/non smoking policies.
  • Is eating/drinking allowed?
  • Which station will you listen to on the radio? News channels are usually great ideas for updates on traffic, sports, stocks and weather.
  • Will there be any unscheduled stops?
  • Who will be your alternate drivers in cases of illness or emergency?
  • How long will you wait for someone if they are late? 3-5 minutes is usually recommended.
  • How many days a week will you share the ride to work? There are car pools operating every weekday, and some that run just once or twice a week.