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Listing Directions
Please read the descriptions carefully and choose the appropriate category.
Non-drivers should expect to compensate drivers for part of the cost of travel.
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Go Now: For local or long distance travel today or tomorrow, place your standard local or travel listing as below. Your listing will automatically appear in the Go Now section based on the listing removal date.

Carpool: This category is for daily commuters, or for participants in classes, religious services, athletic leagues, or other regular events. If you make your regularly scheduled round trip in one day, place your listing in the carpool section. Otherwise, place it in one of the other sections as appropriate.

Travel: This category is for long-distance or irregular travel. Use this section also for weekend commutes or overnight / weekend trips to see your 'significant other' in a distant city, or to visit your grandmother. Feel free to make separate listings for each direction of your round-trip journey.

TaxiShare / Errands / Carsharing: NOT for commuting. Use this section to offer or request rides in your area such as airport rides or shopping (recommended distance is about 50 miles or less). This section can also be used to facilitate sharing a car with a neighbor.
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